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Let's end, as we started, by talking about false flag terrorism.   You might say "But Al-Qaeda is different -- powerful, organized, and out to get us", right? Maybe, but take a look at this Los Angeles Times Article, reviewing a BBC documentary entitled "The Power of Nightmares", which shows that the threat from Al Qaeda has been vastly overblown (and see this article on who is behind the hype). And a former National Security Adviser told the Senate that the war on terror is "a mythical historical narrative".

And did you know that the FBI had penetrated the cell which carried out the 1993 world trade center bombing, but had -- at the last minute -- cancelled the plan to have its FBI infiltrator substitute fake power for real explosives, against the infiltrator's strong wishes (summary version is free; full version is pay-per-view)? See also this TV news report.

And did you know that the CIA is alleged to have met with Bin Laden two months before 9/11? 

And did you know that, many years after the FBI first stated that it did not have sufficient evidence to prosecute Bin Laden for 9/11, the agency apparently still does not have any hard evidence linking Bin Laden to the crime (see also this partial confirmation by the Washington Post)?

And did you see the statement by the CIA commander in charge of the capture that the U.S. LET Bin Laden escape from Afghanistan?

And have you heard that the anthrax attacks -- which were sent along with notes purportedly written by Islamic terrorists -- used a weaponized anthrax strain from the top U.S. bioweapons facility, the Fort Detrick military base?  Indeed, top bioweapons experts have stated that the anthrax attack may have been a CIA test "gone wrong"; and see this article by a former NSA and naval intelligence officer; and this statement by a distinguished law professor and bioterror expert. It is also interesting that the only congress people mailed anthrax-containing letters were key democrats, and that the attacks occurred one week before passage of the freedom-curtailing Patriot Act, which seems to have scared them and the rest of congress into passing that act without even reading it. And it might be coincidence, but White House staff began taking the anti-anthrax medicine before the Anthrax attacks occurred

Even the former director of the National Security Agency said "By any measure the US has long used terrorism. In 78-79 the Senate was trying to pass a law against international terrorism - in every version they produced, the lawyers said the US would be in violation"(the audio is here)

If we do not learn our history, we are doomed to repeat it. See this article on the Reichstag fire and this article on the perennial ploy of those grabbing power.  

On the first page of this website, we promised to address the claim that questioning 9/11 is disrespectful to the victims and their families. In fact, half of the victim's families believe that 9/11 was an inside job. Many family and friends of victims not only support the search for 9/11 truth, but they demand it (please ignore the partisan tone). See also this article regarding patriotism.

We also promised to discuss why the facts presented here have not been covered more in the U.S. news. There are several potential explanations, but in fact many journalists are asking the same question (see also this interview with award-winning journalists).

Finally, we promised to address the idea that a 9/11 conspiracy would be too big to keep secret. This article addresses that concern.

See also this 9/11 Fact Sheet for the answers to other frequently asked questions.


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