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Congratulations . . . you have taken the first step -- getting informed.   To stay informed,check this website frequently, as new evidence is constantly added (look for new links in blue).

The implications of this information may at first feel overwhelming. Millions of Americans have felt this also, but have gotten past their shock and started to take action. Indeed, the true facts of 9/11 have spread from a handful of people to almost half of the American population (and higher percentages in other parts of the world) in a few years. Momentum is on our side . . . and if we work to spread the facts, those who know the truth about 9/11 will soon be in the majority, and justice will prevail.

Where to start?

You can download all of the information contained on this site by using a free website download tool (if you don't know of one, we recommend Httrack Website Copier and its companion software, ProxyHTTrack).  By downloading the proof from this site (and your other favorite websites), you will help to preserve the evidence.    Please note that if you set the download program to download external links, you will also download the actual linked web pages and multimedia.  In other words, you would then be downloading and saving the referenced materials.  (Because some of these materials may be copyrighted, you should contact the copyright owners of the websites and linked materials to get their permission).

You can also copy the proof onto a CD, after you have downloaded it, and pass the CD out to others who don't have internet familiarity or who don't get their news from the web.   The entire 911Proof website and all linked materials can easily fit onto a standard CD.

Webmasters: You may consider linking to this or another 9-11 information site. 

And you can engage in freeway blogging or other ways of getting the message out to alot of people (here is one reader's idea; see also this picture).

Finally, consider leaving a public computer open to this or another trusted 9-11 site so that others may see for themselves.

We also invite you to read news sources which tell you the full story on an ongoing basis.  The best news sources will also suggest actions which have tremendous leverage, but take little of your time. Here are some recommended sources of news and hands-on actions you can take regarding the terrible events of 9-11 and related issues of concern:

Daily News Sources

We have found the following daily news sources to be insightful:

What Really Happened (focuses on 9-11, false flag operations, and power politics, with  non-partisan neutrality -- lives up to its slogan "What is mainstrem news today was here a year ago"; also contains some of the best editorials on the web)

Prison Planet (focuses on 9-11, false flag operations, and fascist threats, with a conservative slant -- scoops the mainstream news sources on a regular basis)

Global Research (excellent Canadian website)

BuzzFlash (liberal news source which regularly scoops the mainstream press on non-911 issues)

TV News Lies (posts some of the best editorials on the web)

911-Focused and Periodic News Sources

The following news sources cover 911-related issues (some focus more on  prior knowledge and war games; others focus more on the collapse of the world trade centers ):

George Washington's Blog (contains in-depth analysis and suggestions for 9-11 related actions)

Journal of 9/11 Studies (a scholarly journal dedicated to publishing papers on 9/11 truth the website of a very impressive group of physics and mechanical engineering professors, former high-level military and intelligence people, air traffic controllers and pilots, and other people with expertise relevant to 9-11)

911 Review and 911 Research (9-11 websites with a wealth of information and interesting theories concerning 9-11)

Cooperative Research (One of the most complete timelines of 9/11, citing mainstream new sources for most of the facts)

911 Blogger (blog-style site providing updates concerning prior knowledge and war games)

911 Podcasts (a collection of videos concerning 9-11 and related subjects)

Mujca (the website of a coalition of Christian, Jewish and Muslim 9/11 truthseekers)

Want To Know (good introductions on prior knowledge and war games, disinformation and propaganda)

There are are many other excellent websites, too many to mention by name.  You can find most of them through links contained in 911 Proof and the sites listed on this page.

Our own invitations to act will also occassionly be posted below, so check back frequently to stay in the loop.

Invitation: Sign this petition.

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